Teething, the emergence of the first teeth through a baby's gums, can be a frustrating time for little ones and their parents. It helps to know what to expect when your child is teething and how to make the process a little less painful. It can sometimes take days of your baby being out of sorts before you spot something white and shiny in their mouth, you then realise what all the fuss has been about. Apart from being unsettled, there are a few other signs that may indicate your child is teething:


  • Gnawing on anything they can get in their mouth
  • Excessive dribbling
  • Red cheeks
  • a red spot on the gum
  • Diarrhea
  • Cold like symptoms with a low grade fever
  • Ear pulling

What you can do for your teething baby

  • Lots of kisses and cuddles
  • Distraction
  • Cold food