• Some babies are good at it, others not so good. Here are a few helpful ideas that may work for you and your baby.
  • Most parents like to get into a routine of feed, play and sleep as soon as possible. Be a little flexible with the routine in the first weeks.
  • Look for signs that your baby is tired. Avoid letting your baby become overtired before trying to put them down to sleep as this usually leads to poor quality sleep.
  • Swaddling often has the result of calming baby and making them feel warm and secure. It can help prevent a baby from throwing their arms up and startling themselves.  Swaddling also becomes a cue for baby that it is time for sleep.
  • Check that the temperature of the room is correct and there is good ventilation. Be sure that baby has safe sleeping conditions.

Getting baby off to sleep

  • It is important that you put baby down for their sleep while they are awake.  
  • Whatever settling/sleep method you are using it is important all parents/caregivers are consistent.