Safe Sleeping

It is very important that you create a safe sleeping environment for your baby. It is possible for babies to get into dangerous situations in their cots if parents/caregivers are not Safe Sleeping imageaware of these dangers. Whenever someone puts a child down for a sleep, they must make sure that it is a safe environment for that child to sleep in.


Babies can:

  • Suffocate by getting caught up in the bedding or cot bumpers
  • Choke on small objects left in the cot
  • Suffocate as a result of getting stuck between the mattress and side of the cot
  • Strangle on cords and ties


The safe sleeping position:

  • You should always place your baby on his back to sleep.
  • If you are going to sleep baby on their side (if your baby has bad reflux for example) talk to health professional first and use a suitable sleep positioner Snoozzz, Supreme Sleep
  • Make the cot up with the sheets tucked in low down in the cot – when you place your baby into bed, his feet should almost be touching the end of the cot.
  • Don’t let the bedding come up any higher than your baby’s shoulder.