Ear Health

Ear infections are one of the most common illnesses in babies and young children. They can be very painful for the child and make them feel very miserable. Ear infections are not considered a serious illness, but repeated ear infections may cause hearing problems. Most ear infections are middle ear infections (otitis media). Otitis media is caused by a bacterial or viral infection behind the eardrum. Two-thirds of all ear infections are caused by bacteria.


  • Don't go poking around in your child's ear as you may cause serious damage to the ear drum.
  • The ear is naturally self cleaning so probing to remove wax may only push it further into the ear.
  • Middle ear infections are more likely to occur in Winter. They can cause fever and pain but usually respond quickly to treatment. If you do suspect your child has an ear infection, get it checked out by a GP.
  • Keeping baby's head raised while he sleeps can help ease the pain and pressure of the ear infection. It's important that the baby gets quality sleep during his illness. Supreme Sleep.