Colic is a condition that makes your baby unsettled for long periods of time (usually in the late afternoon or evening). It is thought that the baby is experiencing pain in the stomach as it is trying to process food. There are many ways in which parents can calm their colicky baby in the short term but not one universal fix it remedy. Keeping your baby in an upright position can help reduce problems with colic; These products may help, the Doomoo seat is a baby bean bag and the Supreme Sleep is a sleep wedge.

Dr Brown's baby bottles are designed especially to eliminate air bubbles in the milk that can cause colic.

Motion is a tried and tested way to calm a colicky baby, Bed Rockers are a great for this.

Swaddling or wraping babies with colic is another technique parents swear by to settle their baby.

Colic baby image


The symptoms of colic:

  • Crying and fussiness that can’t be settled.
  • Restlessness, irritability and unsettled.
  • You can’t get your baby into a feeding and sleeping routine.
  • Your baby is always hungry and wants to be constantly fed.
  • Your baby often resists the breast or bottle and doesn’t feed well.
  • During crying periods, they may scream loudly as though in pain and draw his legs up. This period may go on for hours and tends to be worse at the end of the day.