Sleepytot & Baby Shusher

Is your baby regularly waking through the night? Toddler waking at 5.30am, or pre-schooler refusing to go to sleep at bedtime? Our beautiful Sleepytot bunnies can help. They come in cream, grey, pink and blue and we have a large or a smaller version...perfect for your precious wee bundle. Wonderful packaging makes it a great gift too. Sleepytots are so clever they have won multiple awards and they have been endorsed by the Millpond Sleep Clinic in the UK as an aid to help young children and babies to locate their dummies so they can return to sleep easily without waking mum or dad. The revolutionary Baby Shusher quickly soothes any fussy baby. Developed off the parenting technique in the “Happiest Baby on the Block” book, the Baby Shusher incorporates the fourth ‘S’ of the “Five S’” – shushing. With loud, rhythmic shushing noises, the Baby Shusher draws on ancient, time-tested practices. Plus, the Baby Shusher allows you to set your timing preference with either a 15-minute option or a 30-minute option and it has built-in volume control so that it’s louder than baby’s cries, which is proven to help calm babies. The Baby Shusher is for newborns and up.