The Mum2Mum products range includes, the Wonder Bib® range, DreamSwaddle, Hooded Towels, Burp Cloths, Play n’ Change Mats, and Face Washers. The Wonder Bib is the signature product and was created as the first super-absorbent babies bib that really does work! This is a bib that keeps babies, infants and toddlers dry in any situation - reflux, spilling, dribbling, bottle feeding, and eating. The DreamSwaddle™ is a unique new concept in swaddling your baby to ensure that your little one is kept safely swaddled and ready for a warm, comfortable night's sleep. The Summer DreamSwaddle™ has mesh panels to provide ventilation in warmer climates. These are really great products that were created in 2004 by two Mums.