We are proud to be stockists of 100% New Zealand natural baby merino sleeping bags, swaddle bags and accessories from Mokopuna Merino. Mokopuna merino™ is nature's finest fibre which is annually renewable, biodegradable and non-synthetic with a sustainably certified supply chain – mokopuna is one of the few Zque™ certified merino baby wear ranges. Beautifully fine, light and comfortable mokopuna merino™ is luxuriously soft next to young skin so there's no itch or scratch. It smells wonderful because it's naturally antibacterial and ever dry as it naturally moves moisture away from baby's skin. Non-allergenic mokopuna is perfect for your baby. All Mokopuna Merino garments are rated low fire danger, so are much safer for sleep. It's machine washable and can be tumble dried. Plus it's naturally stain resistant and odour resistant. Winter warm and summer cool, the magic of mokopuna merino™ is that it both breathes and insulates, giving warmth when needed and cooling when it's hot. So it helps to keep baby's temperature constant, like a personal thermostat! Mokopuna Merino has a fantastic colour palette featuring everything from soft magnolia pinks through to glacier blues, along with a wide range of unisex colours and stripes. Mokopuna Merino also makes a beautiful, and practical, newborn gift too.